Top 7 Steps to a Hot Commercial Real Estate Deal

Aug 30, 2022 By Triston Martin

Any licensed real estate agent would be happy to discuss the many advantages of buying commercial property with you. You will probably set off a rant about how commercial properties provide more value than homes. Commercial real estate is appealing to investors because it offers a higher potential return, more cash flow, economies of scale, a level playing field, a huge pool of qualified and reasonably priced property managers, and a vast market size.

Learn What the Insiders Know

If you want to succeed in commercial real estate, you need to have a professional mindset. To provide just one example, you should be aware that the market value of the residential property is different from that of commercial property. The income generated by commercial real estate is proportional to its useable square footage, not so with private residences. Commercial real estate also often results in a higher cash flow.

The numbers are clear: multifamily buildings, for example, will provide more revenue than single-family houses. Be aware, too, that leases for commercial properties tend to be lengthier than those on single-family homes. That opens the door to more money coming in. Finally, if you are operating in a less generous credit climate, be prepared to pay for any services you may need upfront. Financial institutions want a down payment of at least 30% on commercial real estate before authorizing a loan.

Make A Mortgage Strategy

It is important to have a financing strategy in place before beginning your search for commercial real estate transactions. Think about how much you can afford to spend on a property and how much money you can count on coming in each month. Find out whether there are current renters, how much rent they are paying, and how many additional units you need to fill if you find a potential offer. See how much money you will need to pay back the mortgage by using a mortgage calculator or other financial tools.

Be Aware of Risk Evaluation

Professionals in the real estate industry are trained to identify and evaluate all of the dangers that might affect a business building. Check for water stains, mold, and mildew. How about the concrete and bricks? Do they have any holes or cracks? Whether you need to perform repairs, you should estimate how much money it would cost and see if it fits into your budget.

Find Motivated Sellers

Try to find business owners who are willing to part ways quickly. Those that are eager to unload the property from their hands could be willing to sell below the going rate. A list of tax evaders kept by the county is an excellent place to begin. Highly motivated sellers in a given area may find this list to be a veritable treasure trove. Owners of commercial real estate who have relocated out of state or who have held onto their property for at least ten years might also be found.

Scout The Neighborhood

Driving around the neighborhood is yet another option for finding great real estate offers. Check open positions. Ask the locals what to see and do. Attend those open homes. Visiting open houses, chatting with other property owners, and searching for vacancies in the area around the commercial property in question are all great ways to gauge the area's viability. Cash-on-cash is a common metric used by commercial real estate investors to evaluate buildings during the first year of ownership.

When calculating cash-on-cash returns, it is assumed that the investor does not need to spend all of their own cash to purchase the property and that a portion of the NOI will be used to cover the mortgage payment. To find their return on cash, real estate investors must first calculate the amount needed to acquire the property or their original investment.

Maximize Multimedia Resources

You might use a bird dog in addition to the Internet, newspapers, and other public resources. A "bird hound" in the world of real estate investing is someone whose main responsibility is to sniff out profitable investments. In general, a bird hound would seek run-down properties that can be purchased at a steep discount or underpriced real estate that may be used as a profitable investment. For a small sum, real estate "bird dogs" can assist you in locating promising investment prospects.

Recognize Commercial Real Estate Metrics

Understanding the ins and outs of the commercial real estate industry, as well as the terminology used within it, is essential if you want to invest in this sector. Net Operating Income (NOI), Cap Rate, and Cash on Cash are just a few of the important metrics and formulae you'll need to know.


Finding and appraising commercial real estate is not as simple as cultivating neighborhoods, haggling for a good deal, or putting out smoke signals to attract willing sellers. Human interaction is fundamental to doing any kind of action. It's important to establish trust with landowners so that they feel comfortable opening up to you about lucrative business opportunities.

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