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Sep 07, 2022 By Susan Kelly

Not every automobile will be there for you over the long term. When you just need a car for a short period, you don't always need coverage that covers you for the long haul. Because of this, there is a policy of temporary car insurance policy that will safeguard you and your automobile for a predetermined amount of time. Most leading vehicle insurance companies still provide conventional plans that the policyholder must terminate before the end of the policy's 6 or 12 month periods because that makes you solely responsible for paying a certain amount for your immediate need.

What Is Temporary Car Insurance?

Nevertheless, there are some things you have to be aware of before you go ahead and sign up. One good illustration is that not all insurance companies are the same. Your choice of insurance provider can considerably influence the types of coverage available to you and the prices associated with those options. Our team did extensive research to identify the most reputable short-term auto insurance providers today. These are the best options that we provided.

Best Temporary Car Insurance Options Available For You


As of 1922, a Texas-based corporation has supported the men and women who serve in the United States armed forces by providing a wide range of insurance products, such as for automobiles, homes, lives, condominiums, renters, and motorcycles. It has earned its name by providing extensive coverage and exceptional customer care for more than 13 million customers.

Still, there is one significant catch: their membership is strictly regulated and restricted. Suppose you want to take advantage of everything that USAA has to provide. In that case, you have to be on active duty, in the Reserves, a student in the military, a student, or a junior officer. Membership is open not just to veterans but also to their wives and kids.

You may take advantage of cheap pricing and a wide variety of additional savings options when you shop with USAA. If you meet the eligibility criteria, there is full coverage for both your standard and distinctive financial needs with a massive list of additional discounts to select from that can reduce its already reduced insurance costs, trying to make it our highest-ranked pick. It is its primary disadvantage that you need to be a member of the armed forces to receive this outstanding quality of service and assistance.


  • Exceptional contentment with claims.
  • Full protection and coverage


  • Only applicable to families of service members
  • Online prices exclusive to members only
  • Access to live agents is restricted to a minimum.


Nationwide provides the most comprehensive insurance for collector automobiles thanks to features like Guaranteed Value coverage, which pays the entire insurable value after your deductible and set price for restricted car usage without mileage limitations. This helps Nationwide earn the top position in the category of best temporary car insurance providers.

Additionally, Nationwide asserts its vintage insurance premiums are up to 43 percent more inexpensive than the typical auto policy. Furthermore, through their SmartRide program, you can be eligible to use the company's Vanishing Deductible feature, which will help you in decreasing your deductible and encourage driver safety.


  • Simple software available online
  • Coverage for customized and vintage motor vehicles
  • Coverage with a Guaranteed Value
  • Simple access and navigation


  • Regarding the typical scores received regarding overall satisfaction with claims
  • There is a lack of transparency in the advertising of discounts.


Allstate takes a preventative approach rather than a reactive strategy to auto insurance and ensures that its customers can access assistance whenever required; we consider it the greatest option for driving in dangerous situations. Although Allstate now operates in all fifty states, the company began in 1931 as a vehicle insurance supplier through the mail-order business model. It has mushroomed into a major health insurer with a presence across the country and over 10,000 agents to give in-person assistance to customers.


  • Specializes in plans valid for six months
  • An online, user-friendly primer to the fundamentals of auto insurance
  • Various emergency roadside packages
  • Insurance for ridesharing


  • Consistently average ratings of satisfaction
  • Policies only available for six months


GEICO has a score that is around average when it comes to customer satisfaction with claims, but it sparkles with outstanding financial ratings, including an A++ ranking from AM Best. It is a reasonably priced insurance company that offers a variety of coverage options, in addition to having a website that is simple to browse and a smartphone app that provides further availability.

GEICO specializes in health insurance protection for items like your motorbike, ATV, or RV, but it does not offer guaranteed asset protection (GAP) coverage. Standard house insurance, renter's coverage, condo health coverage, and manufactured home insurance plans are all offered, in addition to commercial car and liability insurance for businesses.

GEICO offers additional discounts for customers who insure numerous vehicles and hold many policies, which helps the company maintain its position as the market leader in multiple car coverage. The DriveEasy application, which compels all motorists on the plan to register and compensates safe drivers with additional savings, is available to drivers in certain jurisdictions. This software is beneficial to drivers in such areas.


  • Excellent scores on financial scales
  • Comprehensive online comparison instrument
  • 24/7 client assistance


  • Satisfaction with claims filed on average
  • Not all states support the DriveEasy app at this time.


State Farm is a health insurer operating since 1922 and focuses on providing excellent customer service. The company is headquartered in Illinois, although its services may be found in all fifty states. In addition to the standard householders, tenants, and life insurance policies that are most typically seen, alternatives now include coverage for your motorbike or RV.

Additional reductions such as safe driving, high marks, and auto safety may earn you save from your premium by consolidating numerous policies into one payment. If you have young drivers on your plan, they must complete an authorized driver's education course for you to qualify for an additional reduction on your monthly premium.


  • 19,000 agents dedicated to providing outstanding in-person assistance
  • High level of satisfaction with claims made
  • Strong loyalty and discounting schemes


  • Must submit personal data for a quote
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