10 Stocks to Buy for Huge Short-Term Returns

Sep 07, 2022 By Susan Kelly

Investors who are interested in piling up rapid gains may wish to take into consideration the investment suggestions offered by Morgan Stanley and its Smart Income Buy Program.

The company offers financial solutions; it was established in 1935 and currently seems to have more than 55,000 workers in more than 40 countries. Morgan Stanley comprises three departments: investment commodities, financial advisory, and private equity. This financial services provider caters to many customers, including private people, public institutions, and businesses.

New Money Buyers Wanted List

A famed financial strategist, Byron Wein, originated the idea of the Money Trade List idea at Morgan Stanley. After Wien's departure from the company, the program was handed over by Michael Wilson, who was one of the top U.S. equities strategists at Morgan Stanley. The most recent research shows that the median holding duration for the companies in the sector is around nine months, which resulted in average gains of 13% compared to the S&P.

Which Shares Are Best for Short-Term Gains?

The latest collection of top Stocks for Big Short-Term Gains, which was revised in March 2019, includes a variety of industries, i.e., the financial sector, the healthcare industry, the correspondence industry, the energy industry, the knowledge technology industry, the utility industry, and the substances industry. The following list consists of ten distinct Stocks for Big Short-Term Gains that might be considered.


This Corporation is a multimedia conglomerate that is active on a global scale. It operates in diverse markets, such as substantial, worldwide, and through the following segments: its media organizations, entertainment, and direct-to-consumer. According to Morgan Stanley, the corporation's world-class identity will benefit from shifting "legacy transmission to broadcasting" in its consumer electronics market. Disney also has significant growth opportunities through the assets that Fox has under its brand, its company that sells directly to consumers, and its earnings per share increase.


Humana is a health system insurance company that has been in business since 1961. This stock is highly recommended by Morgan Stanley for a few different purposes. Such as, the firm participates in the Healthcare Insurance business, which has high single-digit annual growth rates and is expected to maintain these trends as life expectancy increases. Second, the company's primary line of operations, i.e., medical coverage, is anticipated to experience considerable expansion in 2019 and beyond.


The biomedical research industry, as well as the health information technology industry, are both served by IQvia holdings. It offers services related to the development of biopharmaceuticals as well as commercial outsourcing, and it has facilities in more than one hundred countries.

Because it has better growth prospects in a market that Morgan Stanley refers to as a defensive industry, the firm has decided to keep IQvia on its list. The ongoing digitization of the medication development process is anticipated to benefit IQvia as the company positions itself as a leading organization in R&D.

Las Vegas Sands

According to Morgan Stanley, the corporation has witnessed considerable development, and a big part of that growth may be attributed to gamblers from China. LVS is in a strong position to maintain its market share as a result of the large room capacity that it makes available to customers


The England manufacturer of chemicals and plastics is competitively priced at a front P/E ratio of under 10. Still, Morgan Stanley feels that its EPS expectations are too pessimistic, with the average being $2 to $3 lower than anticipated. The positive argument for them is supported by LyondellBasell's goods and market acknowledgment of the company’s liquidity, characterized by a large amount of available net income and profitability ratios.


Morgan Stanley thinks that Microsoft is positioned to become the "best in tech" due to its computational and data capabilities, business platform-as-a-service characteristics, efficiency, including front office applications, and its fundamental financials. This is a significant existing asset for the company in combination with its considerable current assets, substantial client base, distribution companies, and on-premise technology. Morgan Stanley predicts that Microsoft's commercial divisions will experience consistent growth in the coming years due to their 60% of sales ratio. Moreover, the company anticipates an annualized compound growth rate in sales of 12% over the next three years.

NextEra Energy

Morgan Stanley believes NexEra has defensive performance, and the firm refers to NexEra as the "finest utility". The corporation's operations generate electricity from a variety of sources. Morgan Stanley anticipates an increase in their earnings per share by 6% to 8% through the year 2021, and to observe an exponential growth of 12% to 14% minimum dividends in 2020.

Procter & Gamble

This American household's products firm was included in 2019 because it met the criteria set out by Morgan Stanley for minimal margin volatility and increase in margins. Because it is growing into additional categories and business divisions, It has been increasing its market share not just in the United States but also in other countries worldwide.

The firm's dividend and income transparency provide shareholders with a conservative return profile, which leads Morgan Stanley to recommend that clients purchase the stock.

Progressive Corporation

You have undoubtedly heard of Progressive thanks to their marketing strategist to market them amazingly. Their stocks are another good option to invest and gain good returns. Progressive provides its customers with various coverage options, including the most popular vehicle insurance. Other types comprise homeowner's, life, motorbike, recreational vehicle (RV), boat, and corporate auto insurance, among others.

T-Mobile US

They are good to invest in because of their quick increase in sales volume since 2013, as per Morgan Stanley. "This increase occurred as the business remade into an Un-carrier, seeking to eliminate the corporation's pain issues." The business forecasts that the company will "substantially grow margins due to a high coefficient value" over the coming years and will "produce considerable FCF. Consequently, Morgan Stanley forecasts significant capital returns to its investors, most of which will come from stock buybacks.

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